7 Days to the Perfect Dinner Party

The decision has been made, the guests have been invited, and ready or not you are scheduled to have a dinner party for 10 in just 7 days…Don’t panic, this 7 day plan will have you dazzling your guests with ease.

Day 1 – Plan Your Theme. Italian, Paella Night, Asian, Comfort Food?? As soon as you select a theme the menu, the shopping and décor will all fall into place.

Day 2 – Plan Your Menu. Be time conscious and plan a menu that is both delectable and simple to prepare in segments ahead of time. There are some things you must make just moments before serving like sautéed spinach, but try to select plenty of other items that can be made ahead. And don’t forget some things may tasty and need no preparation at all, for example gelato and premier cookie.

Day 3 – Shop. Head to the market and grab all of the items that you will need to make your meal. Remember fresh, quality ingredients may be your biggest contribution to impressing the best of foodies.

Day 4 – the Freezer is Your Friend. Sometimes we forget that your freezer is not just for stock up on stables for the long term. Instead you can make items like pastas, rolls, crusts, soup bases, meatballs, marinated meats and more a few days ahead, freeze, and your guests will be none the wiser.

Day 5 – Set the Table. The best way to deliver that vision of loveliness you have in your head is to set aside plenty of time to build your beautiful table. If your family can keep their hands off you can set the table as much as two days ahead to get everything just so. Boost your look with flowers the day of the party and you are good to go!

Day 6 – Chop, Dice and Prep. The night before your big event you can prep like a food-rock-star by thawing, chopping and prepping all of your ingredients so all that remains on the day of the event is flash cooking and assembly.

Day 7 – Finishing Touches and being the Hostess with the Mostess. On your dinner party night just whip up the final pieces, throw on your best frock or party pants and you are ready for a night to remember.