Top Five Trendy Wrapping Tips

The most festive time of the year is here, and top Houston maid service, Maid in the Shade, is ready to help you usher in the holidays with fun lifestyle tips! Here are five fabulous ways to wrap all of your holiday gifts this year, to create a delightful sense of wonder and wow the recipient!

Top Five Trendy Wrapping Tips:

Color Coordinate

Try color coordinating each family member’s wrapping paper, so that all of their presents are wrapped in the same color or style of paper. Talk about a fun way to recognize their gifts under the tree! As a bonus, this is a great way to organize all of your wrapping paper in the gift-wrap station.

Kraft Paper Craze

For a chic, rustic look to your gifts, wrap them in brown kraft paper. Often, you can find it very inexpensively at any craft supplies store, and it looks fantastic, especially dressed up with burlap twine and a holidays-themed trinket tied on top, like a tree ornament or a sprig of holly.

Gift Boxes

If you, like many people, dread wrapping, and aren’t exactly the most skilled at the intricacies of gift styling, consider going with gift boxes instead. Gift boxes (or bags), are just as festive as traditional wrapping paper, and are incredibly easy to prepare.

Stencils and Stamps

Try using a festive stencil or a stamp on your gifts, for bold flair. This works particularly well with brown craft paper, or any solid colored wrapping paper. You could even try stamping the recipient’s name on each one of their gifts!

Soft Wrapping

Fabrics and soft wrapping like scarves are a wonderful way to reduce waste and try something new. If you are giving a gift of a new scarf or wrap, use it to contain the rest of the gift, and secure with a simple ribbon. Festive and simple, the environment will also love you for this one!

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