Healthy Eating Tips in Houston

It’s a brand new year, and for many of us, it’s a whole new approach to health and wellness. Top Houston maid service Maid in the Shade has collected five fabulous healthy eating tips in Houston, to help you stay committed to your health goals and eat healthy in 2018.

Cook at Home
As challenging as it can be to cook every day, making your meals at home is a great way to control exactly what goes into your food. Restaurant meals invariably contain much higher levels of fat, sodium, and carbohydrates than homemade meals. Plus, meal planning and prepping ahead of time can help establish a routine, and make you less likely to reach for fatty foods.

Don’t Drink Your Calories
We all need our morning latte, or a sweet afternoon pick me up, but it’s important to watch how much caloric liquid is consumed throughout the day. If you can’t give up your coffee addiction, look for ways to cut sugar and fat – like subbing out nonfat milk for whole milk, or going with sugar-free syrup.

The Importance of Color
It can be overwhelming to try and measure out exact amounts of food to calorie count. Simplify things a bit and focus on a good variety of color in your food – bright fruits and veggies especially! A well-balanced plate will provide beauty and health benefits.

Don’t Deny Yourself
While it is important to restrict fatty or unhealthy foods, completely denying yourself of any indulgence can often be counterproductive. In fact, banning any one food can cause you to crave it more. A far healthier alternative is to treat yourself every so often, and stick to a overall healthy diet and regular exercise.

Every diet and wellness plan reiterates the importance of drinking lots of water. Staying well-hydrated has a plethora of amazing health benefits, everything from better skin to shinier hair. Plus, water makes you feel full, so if you start to have a late afternoon craving, satiate your stomach with a full glass of cool water.

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