5 Back to School Tips

School will be back in session in just a few weeks, and while the summer heat is still underway, preparing for the back to school season will ensure that those first few weeks back go smoothly. Here are five back to school tips from top Houston maid service, Maid in the Shade!

Wash Hands Before Snacks
Snack time is a regular ritual in households with small children, and every parent knows that skipping it can result in “hangry” youngsters and emotional distress. However, many afternoon snacks can lead to messy houses, with crumbs and sticky handprints leaving a trail behind the satisfied children.

Regular Laundry
No one loves doing laundry, but allowing it to pile up throughout the week can just lead to more stress on the weekend. Avoid the stress and do laundry throughout the week, in bits and pieces as needed. For instance, start the washer on a Tuesday and dry the clothes on Wednesday after school – then fold and put away on Thursday.

Taking off Shoes
As a basic best-practice, have everyone in the family remove their shoes before entering the home. Removing shoes before walking throughout the house helps to minimize dirt and debris, reducing the amount of mid-week cleaning. It also is an instant relaxer, signifying that the workday is over and it’s time to relax at home.

De-clutter to De-stress
Removing excess clutter around the home can help on a multitude of levels. Organizing and structuring things like clothes, shoes, books, and old school supplies or binders can do wonders for the way your home looks, and opens up all kinds of new, positive space. If the items are things that your family no longer needs, consider donating to a local charity or even having a yard sale.

Creating a Meal Plan
Planning the family meals (or at the very least, dinner) for the duration of the week is a wonderful way to stay on track with nutritional goals, and to minimize stress. Even planning a night to order pizza is the perfect way to keep everyone on track, eliminate countless questions about “what’s for dinner,” and provide even more time to relax and reconnect with family. Write out meals on a blackboard or whiteboard in the kitchen at the beginning of the week, and start over fresh every Sunday!

You can follow this basic idea for the entirety of the school year. Maid in the Shade is a top Houston cleaning service that offers a variety of cleaning packages that can take care of all your household cleaning needs in an efficient, professional manner.

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