Brighten up for Summer: Houston Maid Service Tips

The humidity of the summer season has set in, and it’s time to settle in for a hot couple of months. It can be difficult to feel like doing much when it’s so warm outside, so here are some ways to help prep your home for summer, courtesy of top Houston maid service, Maid in the Shade.

Scent Refresh
The humidity of summer can magnify any unpleasant odors outside, and even leave your home smelling less than pristine. Do a scent refresh by using an oil plugin, strategically placing candles or potpourri around the house, or using a scented wax burner. There are a wide variety of different home scent options to choose from, in hundreds of different types of scents to suit your mood, or the atmosphere you wish to create. Just remember to not leave any candles burning unattended!

Closet Cleanups
Messy closets can lead to dust, dirt, and worse, pest infestations. In addition to all of that, they can cause a real headache. Start small and reorganize your closets a bit at a time, sorting through one or two tubs per week. This is less overwhelming than tackling a huge cleaning task at once, and still gets the job done. Soon, your clean closets will be bright, inviting, organized spaces.

Of course, the very best way to welcome a new season is with a sparkling clean home. Schedule a cleaning from Maid in the Shade, a top Houston maid service with years of experience making homes shine. We will help get your house in tip-top shape, and alleviate the stress of clutter and mess.

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