Relax! 6 Tips to Organize Your Kitchen – Quickly!

Consolidate – Ever wondered how your kitchen has accumulated 3 waffle irons, none of which you have used in the last 2 years? The purge is a good place to start when organizing your kitchen.

Get Lazy – Lazy Suzanne’s are a great way to make use of those hard to reach places in the backs of cupboards, pantries, etc.

Expire the Expired – Nobody likes to throw out perfectly good food because it is like throwing out money. But…if there is a bag of chips that has lingered in the back of your cabinet for 3 weeks it is just taking up space at this point.

A Container Plan – The same way socks disappear in the dryer, food storage container lids and bases seem to scatter. Three tips: (1) Keep all in one central location, (2) Every three months match up lids and bases and throw out mismatches, (3) decide on one common shape so they can stack. Rectangular is my favorite over circular because they stack and store in more compact way.

Shelf Organizers – You may not need a full kitchen remodel to take advantage of some great space organizers. Check out the latest in rolling, collapsing, dividing and expanding cabinet solutions at your kitchen store.

Go Monochromatic – Good lighting and open cabinets are all the rage these days, but do you really want to see all that is behind the curtain? Try replacing some of your items with a single color theme, such as everything being red or white, and the clutter will fall into the background.


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