How to Clean Your Freezer 

How to Clean Your FreezerClear Your Calendar – Set aside 1 hour, a new sponge or clean microfiber rag, mild detergent, baking soda and a sink of warm sudsy water to complete this job.

Empty – Grab a cooler and empty the freezer contents into the cooler for safe keeping while you clean. You can take this opportunity to toss out expired or freezer burned food.

Defrost – Most modern freezers are self-defrosting and no longer get a buildup of ice on the sides and shelves, but reducing the temperature to defrost is still very useful in warming up the surface enough that you can clean without your sponge freezing.

Wipe – Once the freezer is no longer at freezing temperatures, dip your cleaning cloth/sponge into your sudsy water start in the upper back of the freezer and work your way to the front wiping and rinsing walls and shelving.

Deodorize – Using a mixture of baking soda and water run a quick wipe over surfaces to deodorize the freezer.

Replace – Reload your freezer and return the temperature to freezing, and you are all set with a sparkling clean freezer.

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