Cleaning Up After Fido

10 Tips For Keeping a Clean and Organized Home with a Dog

We are all familiar with the old saying “Dogs are a man’s best friend”. But they definitely are NOT my homes best friend at times. I swear I could knit a sweater with all the pet hair my miniature Australian Shepard distributes around my house and I almost need a separate room for all the poodles’ toys. I have compiled a list of 10 tips to help with the home/hound dilemma.

  1. 1. Use a shoe storage door organizer for all of your puppy’s toys and grooming materials. This handy organizer is out of sight and perfect for keeping items off the floor.
  2. Don’t buy expensive plastic poo bags. Hold onto those plastic veggie bags that you bring your produce home in. This tip not only saves money but uses the plastic twice.
  3. If you have hardwoods like I do, think about buying a robot vacuum. This handy time saver works on a schedule and picks up dirt and dog hair for you in between full house cleanings. It can be a bit spendy on the front end but it is a huge life saver.
  4. Put together an “uh, oh” kit. I like to keep all the cleaning materials together in one spot so when an accident of some sort happens (and they always do) I am not running around the house trying to find all the cleaning materials that I need.
  5. I don’t know about you, but when we first got our dogs, the kids were all onboard with cleaning up after the pets. Once the newness wore off however it seemed ALL pet care became my responsibility. Needless to say that didn’t last long! Create a rotating chore list so everyone in the house takes turns in taking care of the pets. This eliminates the feeling of pet burn out!
  6. This may seem like a no brainer but putting mats at all of the places the doggies exit and enter the house cuts down on dirt and grime that comes into the house. I make sure all of mine are washing machine safe. I also like to keep an old towel near the entry ways to wipe off little muddy paws.
  7. Invest in a cushy bed for Rover. I like to put my dogs bedding in the area of the house that he likes to be in the most. I purchased one that has a zip off outer shell that can be thrown in the wash when need be. I actually wash all pet bedding and mats together so I don’t happen to mix our clothing in with the pet items.
  8. Create a DIY dog food station. There are plenty of ideas to look at on Pinterest. My favorite are the units that hold the food bowls and food all in one unit. This cuts down on mess on your floors and it keeps everything in one useful place. This is really handy when you have a pet sitter.
  9. Create a first aid kit for your pet. You might ask your vet for recommendations as to what he would have in the kit for your particular pooch but I put tweezers, gauze, wound cleaner, a small towel, emergency numbers and a bottle of water in mine. I put all these items in a zippered pouch so I have them on hand or I can simply grab the pouch of items when we are on the go. This is great for puppy friendly trips.
  10. We all need boundaries. Everyone from time to time needs to keep the dogs out of a particular room. What I like to use are tension rods like the kind you find in your bathroom for the shower curtain to hang on or a curtain rod in your bedroom. These are super handy because it only takes about 3 or 4 depending on your dogs size and they go up without drilling or making marks on the wall.
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